Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency is a growing coalition of independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners dedicated to exposing widespread abuse and manipulation by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).


Fight4Rx is a non-partisan grassroots effort of the National Community Pharmacists Association aimed at educating patients about the value of their local community pharmacy.

Pharmacists play a role every day in the lives of patients by improving health care while reducing costs. With health care issues taking center stage in Washington, DC, it is vital that patients remain engaged in protecting their access to safe and affordable medicine. Fight4Rx provides you with the tools you need to learn about the changing health care market, and how your community pharmacy plays a key role.

NCPA Membership gives you the competitive edge: the most up to date changes that keep you informed, improve your business, and ultimately improve the care you provide for your patients. Members have access to the benefits and programs listed below, plus we are constantly updating our members on exclusive regulatory and legislative information as it becomes available. The benefits we offer are designed to help you compete with big chains in today’s economy, be a better owner, have a stronger business, find better employees and make more money.

Alabama Pharmacy Association

Founded in 1881, APA is the state’s oldest professional organization for pharmacy. The 15 original founders were men of great vision who recognized the absolute necessity of joining with their colleagues to accomplish their goals. That necessity is no less today. APA continues to promote, defend, and expand the profession of pharmacy.